Multicone Manual tilt multi position radiographic, fluoroscopic x-ray diagnostic table is simple to operate & offer exceptional facilities and convenience for patient positioning of single tube installation. It is designed & provide maximum utility and versatility for all types of radiography & fluoroscopy procedures.


  • Easy tilt action by pressing padel manualy or motorize.
  • Positive stop at 150 - trendelenburg, Horizontal, 300, 600 & vertical positions.
  • Suitable for use with single tube x-ray installation.
  • Adoptable to double tank combination.
  • Full length rotation flap for scatter radiation protection.
  • Counter balanced bucky moves over the entire length of table & can be locked at any position of the table.
  • Footrest can be positioned at any convenient height on the table for adult as well as pediatric patients.
  • Compression Binder designed to be tightared conveniently and can release immediately.
Table Specifications
Table Top Size 72”x28”
Table Top Height from floor 34” (865mm)
Table overall dimensions 76x34x34, position of table 5 fixed positions (15’, 0’, 30’, 60’ & 90’)
Radiation Flap Full length radiation flap for scatter radiation protection
Bucky with Cassette Tray Electrical movement and Bucky Diaphragm 6:1 ratio 60 lines/inch Grid.
Bucky travel 38” (966mm) starting from 13.3/4” from head end of table top to 52.3/4”
Bucky centre from floor 52” maximum, 14” minimum(When table is vertical)
Bucky film to table top 2.5”
Accessories Footrest, Compression binder